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Chios Accommodation    A trip to Chios is an experience! Chios is diverse and unpredictable. With wonderful and numerous beaches, old stone mansions, with Byzantine churches and medieval villages. With picturesque seaside villages, or other perched on steep mountain cliffs. Myrovolos (“fragrant”) Chios with the taverns with the local delicious appetizers and hospitable people. One moment you think you are in a traditional Aegean island and next in a castle village, like Mistras. You are walking in the cobbled streets of villages, expecting to see pirates appear suddenly in front of you from the past. Chios - the fifth largest island in the Aegean - is beautiful, unique, enjoyable and memorable! With its unique mastic, its famous sweet-smelling mandarins, its tradition and the scents of jasmine and lemon blossom, will excite and surprise you! Spend a few days of your stay to get to know the island. It is worth it!


Brief history of the city:
    Archaeological excavations have shown that Chios was inhabited continuously since 6000 BC. The ancient city was built by Greeks in a short time before 1000 BC. The literary sources speak of a thriving city with a great wall for protection from pirate raids. From its beginning until now it has spent long periods of prosperity and decline, and with every reconstruction, the city always covered the same geographic area. According to mythology, the island got its name from Chios, the son of Poseidon or Oceanus. In ancient times it was called Ofiousa, Aithali, Makris and Pityousa. Around 3000 BC the Pelasgians came to Chios. Later, Achaeans settled in the island, and Ions in 1100 BC. Since then, Chios had been steadily progressing and during the 6th century, it reached its peak. Chians produced famous wine and cultivated the epic poetry and sculpture and earned their living from slave trade.

    It is generally accepted that Homer came from the island and lived in it during the 8th century BC. In 493 BC, Chios was conquered by the Persians and was forced to fight alongside them against the Greeks. It was soon liberated, and in 478 BC joined the Athenian Alliance. Chios was conquered in 1566 by the Turks. In 1821, along with Samos, it participated in the Greek Revolution, but the following year the Turks in order to punish them, they massacred 85,000 people. The wild massacre of Chios shocked the public opinion in Europe and inspired artists like the writer Victor Hugo and Eugene Delacroix.

    A powerful earthquake in 1881 left Chios with many victims and caused incalculable damage. Chios is the home of Adamantios Korais, Andreas Sygros, Alexandros Mavrokordatos, Neophytos Vamvas and other prominent Greeks. On his return from the third missionary journey, Apostle Paul visited the island, where he stayed for a day. At the time, Chios was under Roman occupation. Chios was undoubtedly one of the most important cities of the Greek Colonies in Ionia (Asia Minor). It gained independence and was incorporated into Greece on the 11th of November 1912, which is now a local holiday.


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Three Marguerites
Eleutheria Manolaki
Agiou Mina 24, Kampos
Chios GR 82100
Tel: +30 22710 31612
Mob: +30 6945858417
Fax: +30 22710 31447


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