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Three Marguerites

Rooms in Chios

   We invite you, to enjoy your vacations at our traditinal guests' house "Three Marguerites" in Kampos on the island of Chios. Kampos is the unique ornament of the island of mastic. It spreeds to the south of the island and it is 5km from the center of town. Our guests' house is ideal for family vacations and for some unique moments of relaxation and peace next to the fascinating environment.

   The draw-well, the marble stairs, the cistern with water lilies, the yard with the pebbles and architecture of the walls made of the stone show the magnificent and special identity of Kampos. The "Three Marguerites" are 3km from the closest beach and 3km from the airport of Chios. The apartments are fully furnished with WIC/DC, kitchen, refrigerator, television, air-condition and telephone.

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   Our guest house appeared to be a traditional tower originated by Geneva and dated back to the 16th century. One part of the building was destroyed by the big earthquake that occurred at the 1881 and some other parts were sold to other families due to hard days that passed by. Today "Three Marguerites" occupy the north section of that tower including the fields.

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   Some parts that are still standing today show the majesty and the richness of the decoration of Geneva. The marble poles, the basins and the cistern, which was well known in Kampos, show until today the beauty of the architecture. The imposing gate which bears the blazon of three marguerites is made by Cubin stone with arches.

   Also the wine press room still exists and the ceiling has architecture that nobody is able to build it nowadays. At the garden there are three shafts which are joined together with a submerged tunnel which is so big that you can walk through it. That shafts and the cistern have been used for the irrigation system of that days. Today Three Marguerites is a farm house begetting animals. At the field you can also enjoy the citrus trees and olive trees with the bewitching flavors and offcourse all the fruits and products that we produce, not to mention the great traditional dishes of Miss Eleftheria. Three Marguerites is a place where you can find peace and direct contact with nature.


Three Marguerites
Eleutheria Manolaki
Agiou Mina 24, Kampos
Chios GR 82100
Tel: +30 22710 31612
Mob: +30 6945858417
Fax: +30 22710 31447


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6 km south of midtown!

3 km from airport!

3 km from nearest beach!

We offer

  • Breakfast
  • Free WiFi
  • Autonomic Heating
  • Air Condition
  • Television
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Launderette
  • Easy Parking


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